Early Access

Get in Early, have a head-start!

You like our project and can't wait to play ? We provide early access to the game only by owning a Little Red Dragon: https://opensea.io/collection/little-red-dragons You can obtain them though OpenSea or mint them directly at our website: https://farmerscommunitygame.com/shop
There are only 1000 of them available! If none are left on our website, the only way to get them is by a secondary market like OpenSea from other people.

Why Early Access NFT's ?

We need funds to get the project from the ground, and so we can add liquidity and treasury for players to earn. The only way at this early stage is to reward the early investors with a NFT that will provide them a first look at the game, and will provide them something extra for when the game is fully released! (We will not spill the beans yet)
All profit gained from the sell of the Little Red Dragons will go into liquidity, creating a stabilized coin at start to.

How long will Early Access last ?

The game will be in development till at least 2023 before it leaves early access. Our roadmap now is to have Early Access - Alpha ready near the end of Q2 2022. And have Early Access - Beta ready near the end of Q3 2023. Yes that is more then a year of developing! We are a small team, when there is enough funds to hire new team members and speed up the process, it will be the first thing we will do!