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The Community Based Farm Game.

Farmers Community, a farming game developed to work on the blockchain is finally here. It's a relaxing, teamwork-based farming game where you own your farm and earn $FCT you can use to buy more assets for your farm OR convert into MATIC to earn.
The main feature of the game is that the lands do not have to be bought like other NFT (Non-fungible tokens) games, the game can be played completely free to earn. The way NFTs are used in this game, is to make your farm more attractive OR give yourself some upgrades to make farming easier.
The game NFTs reside on the Polygon blockchain having low GAS fee's, when you buy a NFT, it's yours forever to keep or sell.
Unlike other farming game's everything you gain or buy is yours and you will own it. In the game you can place these objects and can give you some benefits making it easier to maintain your farm. Earning $FCT tokens (distributed to players every month) can be used to obtain/mint new NFTs from the shop. You can sell the bought NFTs (f.e. on OpenSea) or convert your $FCT into MATIC any time you like, and start earning with it.


Building a game where you do not have to own a piece of virtual land to earn money, but building a game where even a fun farming simulation game can earn you something extra while playing by utilizing blockchain technology.


With passion for game design for over years we thought it was time to make something utilizing blockchain / NFTs, getting investors in while we build the game in our free time to hopefully work fulltime on the project eventually. Our goal is to create a sustainable game that will have their funds from NFT sales and advertisements in the game on display objects for revenue that will be used as treasury for the players. We take a small part for development just to make sure we can work on the game, while the biggest slice goes to the players and investors of the game.
- The Farmers Community Team
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