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  • Have our own token $FCT deployed on the blockchain.
  • Have our own smart contract deployed on the blockchain.
  • Developed the early version of the website.
  • Have the socials ready (discord/twitter etc.).
  • Write down the whole tokenomics and game plan.
  • A liquidity pool will be created to stabilize prices.
  • Setting up the base for the game.


  • Draw and generate our Early Access NFTs (Little Red Dragons).
  • Deploy our first 5 NFTs for the game using the smart contract and website.
  • Make sure minting NFTs with our own token $FCT is possible.
  • Set up the database for holding farm and website information.
  • Have a mock-up multiplayer game that needs MetaMask to connect and requires the user to have a Little Red Dragon in their wallet to start play.
  • Further development of the game, placing objects/nfts on your farm and keep them there unless you sold/moved your NFT away from your wallet.
  • In game: Harvest objects based on real time minutes.
  • In game: Sell your harvest to the local store.
  • In game: Visit others their farm.
  • Release the first closed alpha for Little Red Dragon holders.


  • Start marketing the game through streamers and social networks to increase the player base.
  • Start with giveaways in Discord for early people.
  • In game: Add watering and Fertilizing needs for your crops.
  • In game: Add new mechanics to convert your harvest into something new. (f.e. Wheat -> Flour)
  • In game: Add fishing mechanics to the game. (Hold a pond NFT, or fish at neighbors)
  • In game: Add helping your neighbor on the farm for extra points
  • Create and keep track of the players score, making a highscore page on the website to keep track of the current month for players their payouts


  • Make the website more complete and finalized.
  • In game: Add more characters to play with.
  • In game: Add more environments to farm on.
  • In game: Add mining mechanics to the game (Hold a cave NFT, or mine at neighbors).
  • In game: Add advertisement objects to fill treasury with.